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Herd Aug 2021

We value the beautiful land we live on and carefully manage the impact of our horses on the natural environment.

Dontina Farm operates an Equicentral system, where horses move in a herd across a mostly natural landscape.

The farm is divided into   

  • Regeneration and wildlife areas, including all creek beds, that horses never get access to

  • A loafing area close to the house, where the horses come for feed and water

  • Long laneways, always grazed, that connect every part of the property to the loafing area

  • Large paddocks with native pasture, trees for shade - and sometimes kangaroos for company.


The paddocks are rested in rotation, so our horses are ‘locked out’ to protect the environment rather than ‘locked in’.


Native pasture and lots of movement keep our horses healthy and fit. And the environment thrives with additional organic matter (i.e. horse manure) and regular rest breaks. 

Harmony Honeycomb Hannah Nov 2021

Dontina Farm acknowledges that we are on Taungurung country.

We thank the First People of the Rivers and Mountains for looking after this beautiful land for thousands of years. 

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