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Horses For Sale

At Dontina Farm, we train our horses to be calm, soft and responsive, on the ground and under saddle. They seem to enjoy our company and are easy to catch, groom, trim and float. When they are not working, however, they live in a natural herd and mountain environment (without stabling, rugs or shoes).

As a small breeder, we sell one or two horses a year, to compatible homes.


You can buy our horses as young stock (well handled, for you to break in)

or as young riding horses at 4 - 5 years of age.

Prices range subject to training level.

Martina and Konrad Jan 2023


Konrad January 2022

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Things to consider when buying a horse from Dontina Farm:

Our horses are unlikely to thrive in a single-horse household.

They are used to the company of a herd, or at least one other horse.

While we do not shoe our horses, we have their feet trimmed regularly by a qualified barefoot trimmer.

The Haflinger Breed can be ‘opinionated’. They may not make a good ‘first pony’ despite their cute looks.

Our Haflinger-Arab cross may be more suitable for adult riders and experienced children.

In warm and humid climates, Haflingers can be prone to Queensland itch.

Our Haflinger-Arab cross may be more suitable for the southern parts of Australia.

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