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About Dontina Farm

Honeycomb KM.jpg
Herd Nov 2021

Martina grew up in the foothills of the European Alps, where Haflingers are a well-known and versatile pony breed. Her first horse was a Haflinger called Seppi.

When Martina came to Australia she missed the cool, calm and dependable nature of the Haflinger breed. As an eventer, however, she was looking for a horse with more stamina, lung capacity and height. This started the idea of an Australian Haflinger-Arab Cross - and of Dontina Farm in the Victorian Alps.

We have two Haflinger broodmares at Dontina Farm: Harmony and Honeycomb. We breed them to select Arabian dressage stallions to create our compact, versatile riding horses and unique ‘golden’ look.

The Australian Haflinger-Arab Cross is a trainable and fun companion. Our horses are suitable for most disciplines including dressage, jumping, trail riding, mounted games and endurance. Their calm temperament makes them good confidence builders for adult riders (and their equestrian kids).

We breed for hardiness and low maintenance. Strong and healthy hooves are a typical trait, and make our horse particularly suitable for a barefoot routine.

For more information about the Haflinger horse breed, see or

For more information about the Arabian horse breed see

The Haflinger-Arab cross originates in Austria and is well established in Europe see

Three generations in a row: Harmony, Honeycomb and Hannah Nov 2021
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